John Deere 5050D Transmission

John Deere 5050D Transmission Problems

Change Transmission-Hydraulic Oil and Filter

  • Lower the driveshaft to remove trapped oil.
  • Remove the drain plug from the transmission case and drain the oil.
  • Dispose of residual oil properly.
  • Replace the filter while changing the oil.
  • Apply a film of oil to the new filter gasket and install the new filter.
  • Hand tighten only.
  • Fill the system with hydraulic transmission oil.
  • Transmission oil capacity (oil shaft) – 32 L.
  • Transmission oil capacity (grease shaft) – 30 L.
  • Check the oil level in the sight glass after filling.
  • Make sure the oil level is at the full level mark.
  • Check again after five minutes of operation.
  • Add oil if necessary.

Clean Transmission-Hydraulic Pickup Screen

  • Drain the hydraulic oil from the transmission.
  • Remove the two cap screws and remove the grill cover.
  • Remove the screen and examine it for damage.
  • Replace it if necessary.
  • Clean screen with solvent and blow dry with compressed air.
  • Carefully install the grille so that the front of the grille goes into the hole in the front of the differential case.
  • Fill the system with transmission hydraulic oil.
  • Check the oil level in the sight glass after filling and again after running for five minutes.
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