John Deere 5050D Fuel System

John Deere 5050D Fuel System Problems

Replace Fuel Filter Inserts

  • Remove the cap screw and filter element bowl.
  • Take out the filter element. Drain the fuel and clean the bucket.
  • Install the new filter element.
  • Reinstall the bucket and tighten the screw and washer.
  • Bleed the system with the bleed screw.
  • Change the primary and secondary filter elements alternately.
  • Never change both cartridges simultaneously.
  • Always use a new O-ring that came with the filter inserts.

Bleed Fuel System

  • Loosen the fuel return line.
  • Unscrew the manual primer from the fuel lift pump until it can be pulled by hand.
  • Operate hand primer until fuel flow is free of air bubbles.
  • Simultaneously actuate the hand primer down and close the fuel return port.
  • This prevents the entry of air into the system.
  • Tighten firmly. Lock the hand primer in place.

Bleed Fuel System at Fuel Injection Nozzles

  • If the engine does not start after the bleeding procedures described above, continue as follows: Place the throttle lever in the high idle position.
  • Using two open-end wrenches, loosen the fuel line at at least three nozzles.
  • Crank the engine with the starter until fuel is bubble-free from the loosened fuel nozzle connections.
  • Retighten the connections.
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