John Deere 5050D Engine Oil and Filter

John Deere 5050D Engine Oil and Filter Problems

Check Engine Oil Level

  • Park the tractor on level ground, put the gearshift in neutral, set the brakes, and turn off the engine.
  • Take out the dipstick.The oil level should be between the two marks on the dipstick.
  • Do not run the engine if the oil level is below the LOW mark on the dipstick.
  • If the level is low, add oil through the oil filler hole up to the upper mark.
  • Do not overfill.

Change Engine Oil and Filter

  • Run the engine to warm the oil.Turn off the motor.
  • Remove the oil drain plug and drain the oil.
  • Replace the engine oil filter while changing the oil.
  • Apply a film of oil to the new oil filter gasket and install the new filter.
  • Hand tighten plus 1/2 turn.Install the drain plug.
  • Add seasonal viscosity grade oil.
  • Engine crankcase oil capacity – 8.5 L / 6.5 L.
  • During break-in period, change oil in the first 100 hours.

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