John Deere 5050 PTO problems

John Deere 5050 PTO problems Problems

This is my first tractor and I know very little about them.Before changing all the fluids I wanted to make sure everything was working properly so I plugged in the mower and took it for a ride.


With the clutch on, I can’t engage the PTO, just the gears grind.So I turn it off, connect the PTO, and start it up.The PTO “works” but it slips out of gear, sometimes immediately, sometimes after a couple of minutes.

Is it a bad clutch or linkage adjustment problem?Are there any common issues on these 1050s that I should be aware of?

Unfortunately, you seem to have two different problems. First, if your PTO squeaks when trying to engage, the clutch is not releasing.

If you have too much clutch pedal free travel, that could be the problem. You want the free travel to be one inch maximum. You can reduce free travel to as little as 1/4 “to try to get the PTO free.

When the clutch is pressed, you should be able to feel the pedal push very easy for the free travel portion, then push harder for the halfway down and then get noticeably stiffer for the last halfway. down. That last half is when the PTO clutch disengages.

If you can’t feel that second stage, then the clutch is worn beyond adjustment and needs to be rebuilt or replaced. The second problem is the jump of the march.

I’m afraid the previous owner may have been grinding the PTO too often with the bad clutch and has worn the gear teeth on the shift collar or gear. The machine will probably need to be opened and worn parts replaced.

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