Cooling system problem John Deere 5050

Cooling system problem John Deere 5050 Problems

The tractor starts and idles and the temperature gauge begins to rise. I ran it for a few days and some days it was working normally and other days it was red for no apparent reason.

Then it stopped working normally. Now as the engine warms up the needle goes to the middle of the red and stays there.

I noticed that the water pump was leaking a lot, as well as the thermostat gasket.

So I bought a new Deere water pump and thermostat, new hoses, new radiator cap, new water temp sensor, new cold start advance and lots of Deere coolant and carefully installed everything according to the technical manual by Deere. (Including bleeding from the system by loosening the temp sensor while filling) I also removed the radiator and washed it from bottom to top.

  • I squeezed everything and thought it was okay.
  • There are no dice. The symptoms were exactly the same.
  • So I removed the new thermostat, bought another, and tested both in a container of water. Both worked as expected.
  • I ran the tractor without a thermostat and the temperature ran right to the edge of the red line and stayed there. (Slightly colder than with the thermostat on)
  • I reinstalled the thermostat and we were back to square one.

This is what I know:

  • After heating, the lower radiator hose heats up, the upper hose heats up.
  • Unplugging the temperature sensor the pressure gauge drops to cold (off)
  • The radiator has never boiled during any of this.

Thanks in advance for any insights you can impart to me.

Cooling system problem John Deere 5050
Cooling system problem John Deere 5050

I’m not familiar with that particular tractor, but the cooling ducts may be blocked in the block or elsewhere.

If it was mine, the next thing I would do is a major flush of the cooling system with a cleaner.Any heavy duty truck shop will have 2 different system cleaners.

Fleetguard restore and restore plus.I would both go through it.Just be sure to do several water washes after the cleaner, you don’t want things left in the system.

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