In Lubbock County, TX – 1955, THOMPSON Eqipment was started by D.J. “Green” Thompson, with the goal of providing John Deere equipment with excellent customer service to the surrounding areas. Since that time, we have grown to a 8 store dealership, that employees over 150 people. As we grow, and as technology and equipment changes, we will strive to continue putting our focus on providing excellent customer service and building our relationships with our customers.

In this age of high technology, it’s easy for companies and individuals to lose focus on what is most important. Therefore, the Thompson’s mission statement states, “We are determined to be a company of High Touch in this age of High Tech.” This means that we recognize that our greatest asset is our customer. We are committed to treating them with courtesy and respect at all times, recognizing that we are selling much more than agriculture products or providing services of repair. We are selling the idea that we are in a partnership with our customers that maximizes their success.

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