Today we will highlight two interesting models of tractors John Deere: 5050D and 5050E

John Deere 5050 D

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John Deere 5050

About John Deere 5050 D Tractor

John Deere 5050 D is manufactured by the John Deere company, it is a 50 HP tractor with 3 cylinders and it comes with oil immersed disc brake system. You can check more specifications of John Deere 5050 D from the table below.

John Deere 5050 D Engine Details

John Deere 5050 D is a 50 HP tractor that comes with 3 cylinders with the engine capacity of 2900 CC and its rated engine RPM is 2100. For filtration, John Deere has used the dry type, air filter system dual element and the refrigerant cooled with the overflow tank cooling system.

John Deere 5050 D Transmission Details

Now we are going to discuss about John Deere 5050 D tractor transmission system. John Deere 5050 D transmission type is Collarshift, which is really good. The clutch system of the 5050 D is single / double and has 8 forward + 4 reverse gear system with the forward speed of 2.97 & # 8211; 32.44 kmph reverse speed of 3.89 & # 8211; 14.10 kmph. The John Deere has used a 12 V 88 Ah battery and a 12 V 40 Amp alternator.

This John Deere 5050 D model comes with 2900MM turning radius oil immersed disc brakes with brakes. The John Deere 5050 D has power steering and its steering column is.

For any tractor, the PTO method is very important, the John Deere 5050 D PTO type is independent, 6 Splines, PTO RPM is 540 @ 1600/2100 ERPM and the power of PTO. Taking these 5050 D PTO specifications into account, you can attach attachments. The John Deere 5050 D hydraulic lift capacity is 1600 Kgf with automatic depth and 3 link point draft control.

John Deere 5050 D
John Deere 5050 D

John Deere 5050 D Dimension & Weight

John Deere 5050 D has a fuel tank capacity of 60 liters and its total weight is 1870 KG with a total length of 3430 MM and a width of 1830 MM. The 5050 D’s wheelbase is 1970MM with 430MM ground clearance. The John Deere 5050 D is a 2 wheel drive tractor with 6.00 x 16 / 7.50 x 16 front tires and 14.9 x 28 / 16.9 x 28 rear tires.

John Deere 5050E

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John Deere 5050E

The John Deere 5050E tractor is equipped with a powerful 3-cylinder engine that produces 50 hp. Its best features in the class include oil-immersed brakes, Synchromesh transmission, and power steering.

John Deere 5050E Tractor is equipped with features such as the under-hood exhaust muffler, water separator, gearbox neck, finger guard, PTO NSS, and digital hour meter and accessories such as canopy, holder, deck, ballast weights, drawbar, trolley hitch and tow hook.

So, are you planning to buy the latest John Deere tractor model? So here you are in the perfect place where you can get all of the genuine information on the latest John Deere 5050E 50HP Tractor.

Find out all the perfect and complete details such as your overview, price, technical specifications, key features, engine, transmission, brakes, steering, wheels and tires, hydraulic capacity, PTO (PTO), maximum speed, dimensions and weight, options, etc.

This tractor comes with great comfort, a powerful engine with convenience features to keep farmers always smiling for a long time, even in strange conditions.

Engine power and hydraulic capacity are high for heavy duty agricultural operations with low maintenance cost and earlier in time.

There are all the features available on this tractor that you have come to expect from John Deere such as its wonderful engineering, convenience features, mounting, components, accessories and enough options.

That is why the John Deere 5050E 50HP tractor model is famous among farmers.

Основные характеристики трактора John Deere 5050E 50HP

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John Deere 5050


John Deere 5050E is equipped with a powerful, coolant-cooled 50hp engine with overflow reservoir, 3-cylinder turbocharger that produces exceptional power at 2400rpm, providing excellent torque and durability.

There are FIP inline direct injection fuel injection system gives great mileage. It is viscous fan, the hotter radiator, higher fan speed optimizes the use of engine power and improves fuel efficiency.


John deere 5050E 50HP is equipped with 9 forward gears and 3 reverse gears with neck shift. The double clutch provides a smoother transmission.

Classic Design

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John Deere 5050

John Deere 5E Series tractors are designed for the forward operator condition and slightly lower than other tractors in this class. This design improves drive control and farmer visibility during operation.


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John Deere 5050

Сиденье класса люкс с подлокотниками обеспечивает комфортную езду оператора. Сиденье установлено на двух рессорах с регулируемой гидравлической системой. Средний индикатор движения позволяет оператору регулировать уровень комфорта сиденья.

The operator can adjust the seat up and down using a lever installed to the right and under the seat. The suspension adjusts automatically with the weight of the operator.

The tilt steering function is available on the 5E premium version models. The tilt steering offers multiple steering wheel adjustment options that provide a great driving experience.

The operator can select the most comfortable driving position, to reduce the load and facilitate entry and exit during the trip.


Operators can stop when the unexpected happens in the field or on the road with hydraulic wet disc brakes. The brake pedals can be locked to brake the two rear wheels when in transport, or they can be unlocked for tighter turns in field operation.


The John deere 5065 E 65hp features self-adjusting, hydraulically actuated, oil-bath disc brakes that provide better ride control. The 5050E brakes are hydraulically actuated, oil-cooled, submerged disc brakes for maximum performance throughout the life of the tractor.


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John Deere 5050

The 5050E’s large tires provide better ground contact and ride control. Below are wheel dimensions for both variants available for the John Deere 5050E Model 50HP Tractor.

In the standard variant, there is a dimension of front wheels – 6.0 x 16, 8 PR and rear – 14.9 x 28, 12 PR.

А в дополнительном варианте есть передние – 7,5 х 16, 8 пр и зад – 16,9 х 28, размер 12 пр колес.

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John Deere 5050

Fuel Tank Capacity

John Deere 5050E contains a large tank of fuel. Its fuel capacity is 68 liters. It is useful for long driving and continuous operation in agricultural operations.

EQRL System

EQRL switches are installed at the front and rear. During headland turns, the front EQRL switches allow the operator to quickly raise and lower the hitch.

EQRL switches located on the left rear fender allow the operator to quickly engage and disengage the implement,

which helps to maintain the same depth and position in the field. The result is that operator fatigue is reduced and ultimately productivity is increased.

Overall the John Deere 5050E E 50hp is the most powerful and efficient tractor for farmers in its class and price. It has a powerful engine and great comfort with the latest technological features.


This is my first tractor and I am not a great writer so this review will be quite limited. As I have more time in the seat I can update. Overall, I am very satisfied with the tractor.

The fit and finish are very good, it looks strong (so far) and starts the first time every time. The placement of the controls seems very natural to me and they are easy to understand and use.

I have 190 hours in my 5050E and so far it is a pretty good tractor but it doesn’t measure up to the JDs of the past. First of all, the Yanmar engine is loud – it’s the loudest tractor I’ve ever driven that really had all the parts in place. The 3 cylinder vibrates and has a resonance. Earmuffs are needed and I wear earplugs with the earmuffs.

The ergonomics are horrible on this model, the 3-point handle makes you lean forward to lower all the way down, plus your knuckles hit the fender. The front loader control is in the way of the right brake pedal.

There is no board on the ground, so all the dirt is thrown into the face. There is no storage space except for the fenders. The tractor is awesome in 4WD, disengage the 4WD and it doesn’t pull well. The hydraulic system is slow when using the FEL but it is usable. It is a heavy machine and I hope it lasts a long time.

I considered a Kubota but settled on JD due to the John Deere history. I am disappointed with this tractor in terms of usability, but it does the job well. Use 2-3 gallons per hour if you work hard.Around 1 GPH for loader work.

The ergonomic design of the tractor is just as bad as any other tractor you have ever driven.The knee hits the front loader control, and it’s in the way for the right brake.The 3-point handle makes you bend to go all the way down, plus your knuckles hit the fender all the time, they needed a flat floor or at least a solid floor to hold a little dust.there’s no room for anything here, unless you put it on the fender.

Loud and vibrates a lot, sure you need a good 4 cylinder engine instead of 3. It pulls well, but the transmission makes noise under load.When you turn it off it makes the same noise as my 1957 JD 620. I really wish I hadn’t bought this tractor.

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